3: General

    Corona Virus Diary

    This little “Blogette” is taken from my FaceBook timeline and just copied and pasted into a Word Document so I could send a copy to my parents (who don’t use FB) so they could read about my little journey. It starts on “Day 2” although this is not strictly true.

    Snow Day

    Snow Day At Liberty’s Centre We woke up to find that the rain predicted for the night before our Raptors In The Forest workshop had actually fallen as snow and settled overnight making getting into the Centre a little bit difficult. It was quickly decided that any ideas about going

    Donna Nook Seals

    Donna Nook Seal

    Seals At Donna Nook For most of the year Donna Nook is a quiet windswept little beach on the Lincolnshire  coast near Saltfleet between Mablethorpe to the South and Cleethorpes to the North which is the home to an RAF live fire gunnery range and a large colony of Grey