Snow Day

    Snow Day At Liberty’s Centre

    We woke up to find that the rain predicted for the night before our Raptors In The Forest workshop had actually fallen as snow and settled overnight making getting into the Centre a little bit difficult. It was quickly decided that any ideas about going out into the Forest with its narrow untreated roads and hilly terrain were probably best forgotten so we decided that if anyone managed to get to the workshop we would stay at the Centre.

    Eventually, with the few photographers who had managed to get in, we started putting some of the birds out in the snow.

    Snowy Owl


    Siberian Eagle Owl




    Barn Owl
    Tawny Owl

    It was an amazing opportunity photographing the birds in the snow, and made for a very different day for our clients. Show-off of the day definitely goes to our male Kestrel who put on an amazing performance for everyone!

    A little video from the day – apologies for the music!