Harvest Mice In The Studio

Photographs of Harvest Mice taken under studio conditions. It's always a pleasure to work with these endearing little creatures and the results under studio lights can be absolutely stunning.

Harvest Mice Outdoor

Photographs of the Harvest Mice taken outdoors under natural light with natural backgrounds. This can be a bit more challenging to get sharp pictures as the mice are almost always moving and the natural light usually means higher ISO settings, slower shutter speeds and larger apertures leading to a small depth of field.


Zoo Pictures, New Forest Ponies, Seals from Donna Nook, Wildlife and other mammals that are not Harvest Mice!

Birds Of Prey - Static

Static images of birds of prey

Birds Of Prey - Flying

Birds of prey in flight

Birds Of Prey - Studio

Birds of prey in the studio


Birds that are not birds of prey!


Photos of the frogs taken under studio conditions - these creatures can be so photogenic and colourful!


Images of reptiles taken during various photo days at various locations.


Landscapes and Scenic photos.


Aviation and Air Show Photography

People and Portraits - Studio

Photos of people taken in a studio environment